From bugs to business: Unlocking the Bioeconomy in Europe

All you need to know about industrial biotechnology in Europe in one conference! Embark on the bioeconomy journey!

23rd June 2015 at the Royal Flemish Academy for Sciences and Arts

  •  Witness the state of play of industrial biotechnology in Europe with keynote speeches from innovative companies and European bodies.

  •  Learn about ways to unlock the opportunities provided by this key enabling technology.

  •  Attend the launch of the BIO-TIC roadmap committed to tackling industrial biotechnology hurdles in the EU.

  •  Engage in discussions during dedicated panel debates to implement solutions for a blooming industrial biotechnology sector committed to realising the European bioeconomy.

  •  Discuss with policy makers, industrial players, entrepreneurs and academia during the networking cocktail.

  •  Explore industrial biotechnology products and tools in the conference exhibition space.

  •  Visit the Bio Base Europe pilot plant on 24th June AM

  • On 24th June PM, take part in the biobased chemicals workshop of FP7 project BIO-QED focused on the large scale, cost effective demonstration of BDO and IA production with improved sustainability performance.


  • Background information
This event was the final conference of the BIO-TIC project, a Commission-funded Coordination and Support Action dedicated to overcoming challenges to industrial biotechnology in Europe. Despite its potential to help tackle some of todays global societal challenges such as climate change, dwindling fossil fuel resources and the need to switch to more sustainable and resource-efficient industrial processes, many hurdles to industrial biotechnology persist. These include:
  • little availability and access to sustainable and competitively priced biomass
  • limited access to public funding
  • lack of incentives and policy drivers for industrial biotechnology products
  • technological barriers including low yields and high scale up costs
  • poor public awareness of products derived from industrial biotechnology processes and their associated advantages


From Bugs to Business adressed these hurdles with the launch of the BIO-TIC roadmap on how to drive the European industrial biotechnology sector. To learn more about BIO-TIC, go to