Please note that this is a completely hypothetical discussion where I let my mind wonder and speculate about the future.

I am truly fascinated by advances in bio medicine and technology. However, I can not say it’s only because I care about disabled people. Of course I do, but I believe we are on a road to something much more spectacular. Sort of like Mr. Gadget but with a fidget spinner. You would have to buy fidget toys on your own, though. Confused?

Hear me out.

My Theory on Cyborgs of the Future

If you look around, you will see numerous ‘first times’ in medicine. More than any other time in history Just a couple of months ago doctors in Ontario performed the first blood-transfusion operation on an unborn child. Not to mention everyday technological advances helping attach people mechanic limbs, helping them see and hear for the first time and much more.

As soon as we manage to fix disabilities, where do you think we will go next? I am willing to bet my life’s earnings that we will start using technology to enhance our bodies pretty soon. Why wouldn’t we? From amoeba to the modern man we as a species have always strived for greatness. Some see that in colonizing Mars, I see that in becoming cyborgs. If I could replace my old, cramping leg for one that is 10x stronger and faster, why wouldn’t I do that? Sure, there will be debates on where human ends and a robot begins but honestly, who cares? If you can make your body better, do it.

Small problem – Humans

However, understanding the human mind also makes me believe that in addition to better hearts, stronger arms we will also be able to buy fidget toys, yo-yos or any other entertainment gadgets of the time as enhancements for your new body. Ghost in the shell of sorts.

Knowing that for beauty people will take booty fat and put in in their lips, wouldn’t surprise me if we saw operations to enhance bodies for entertainment. Like, implanting oxygen tanks to breathe underwater, using microchips and lasers to see in the dark or simply have retractable fidget spinner attachments in your palms.

Technology is fascinating as it is scary. We can now grow meat in labs, stem cell research may eliminate the need for donors in the next 10 years. Add using 3D printers for new body parts to the equation and who can deny that the future holds extraordinary stuff for us?

But we are humans. We will probably start by using these amazing technological advances in the pornography industry first. Or war.

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