Elon Musk is probably the most talked-about man in the planet right now. Except a certain president of a certain country. In any case, Musk is making news on a range of technology fronts like his Hyperloop, Moon and Mars colonies , etc. That’s what he’s always been like when he created PayPal and other endeavours.  

Recently, he’s been criticizing governments with the lack of ambition “It’s 2017, I mean, we should have a lunar base by now. What the hell’s going on? 

That’s what I love about this man. He’s right that all the petty stuff holds us back. We should have been way more advanced. That’s why I wish for a Musck-like mind in biotechnology. 

We need bold decisions 


Instead, all we see is a backlash after each great advancement. For example, recently Chinese scientists were able to clone edit a dog. Knowing how hard is it to clone dogs, this is a huge step forward that will allow cost effective studies into cloning. Yet, as always, here comes the backlash .   

People will often say that we shouldn’t play God.  

But we know nothing 

we know nothing

We could have free will or be an alien child’s science project. We don’t know.  

So, when kids dream of Inspector Gadget-like powers, we should never discourage them (rather, show them courses ). Adults have their own heroes. Like on this site you will find many such examples in games like the Terminator, RoboCop, etc. And I think that’s what we need more of – a gamified attitude towards biotechnology.  

Now I understand that we live in an oversensitive world where an improper comment can cost you your job. Even if that comment comes from a tweet you wrote as a joke one night in college. But I will say this only once. To everything I say, please add ‘with a degree of common sense’.  

Yes, I want more experiments in biotechnology, more brave attempts at cloning, at gene splicing. 

That doesn’t mean I want to see Catdog in real life just for the fun of it. 

If you don’t know what a Catdog is, here’s the intro to one of the episodes:  

In any case, in my mind we should stop looking at ethics on everything we do. Biotechnologies require creating creatures and then killing them, and then doing that all over again. But it is for the common good, for the well-being of the humanity.  

Besides, the world is too complex to be worried about what some millennial blogger will write on social media. The world is full of hypocrites who think that the only way is to shut everyone else up. The culture of outrage.  

The problem is, in biotechnology you must get your hands dirty, figuratively speaking. With well wishes for everyone you will achieve nothing in 100 years. Only bravery can lead to cancer cure, brain transplants and anything else we can dream of.