How Soon Will You Have a Fidget Spinner Implant?

Where is technology going?

Please note that this is a completely hypothetical discussion where I let my mind wonder and speculate about the future.

I am truly fascinated by advances in bio medicine and technology. However, I can not say it’s only because I care about disabled people. Of course I do, but I believe we are on a road to something much more spectacular. Sort of like Mr. Gadget but with a fidget spinner. You would have to buy fidget toys on your own, though. Confused?

Hear me out.

My Theory on Cyborgs of the Future

If you look around, you will see numerous ‘first times’ in medicine. More than any other time in history Just a couple of months ago doctors in Ontario performed the first blood-transfusion operation on an unborn child. Not to mention everyday technological advances helping attach people mechanic limbs, helping them see and hear for the first time and much more.

As soon as we manage to fix disabilities, where do you think we will go next? I am willing to bet my life’s earnings that we will start using technology to enhance our bodies pretty soon. Why wouldn’t we? From amoeba to the modern man we as a species have always strived for greatness. Some see that in colonizing Mars, I see that in becoming cyborgs. If I could replace my old, cramping leg for one that is 10x stronger and faster, why wouldn’t I do that? Sure, there will be debates on where human ends and a robot begins but honestly, who cares? If you can make your body better, do it.

Small problem – Humans

However, understanding the human mind also makes me believe that in addition to better hearts, stronger arms we will also be able to buy fidget toys, yo-yos or any other entertainment gadgets of the time as enhancements for your new body. Ghost in the shell of sorts.

Knowing that for beauty people will take booty fat and put in in their lips, wouldn’t surprise me if we saw operations to enhance bodies for entertainment. Like, implanting oxygen tanks to breathe underwater, using microchips and lasers to see in the dark or simply have retractable fidget spinner attachments in your palms.

Technology is fascinating as it is scary. We can now grow meat in labs, stem cell research may eliminate the need for donors in the next 10 years. Add using 3D printers for new body parts to the equation and who can deny that the future holds extraordinary stuff for us?

But we are humans. We will probably start by using these amazing technological advances in the pornography industry first. Or war.

What is Biotechnology?



You are probably asking yourself, what is biotechnology? Biotechnology is a branch o science that is based no biology. The main point that biotechnology research and improves is technology to improve our lives and lives of all living things on this planet. More rather, biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes. Biotechnology has a pretty long history in our society. First time when we used biotechnology was 6,000 years ago when we used microorganisms to produce food, such as cheese and bread.

Modern biotechnology:

In today’s modern world, biotechnology has many more applications. We can use it to battle rare diseases, to feed the hungry, to reduce our already too big environmental footprint, to use cleaner energy. Pretty much biotechnology can improve every part of our lives. Today we can find more than 250 biotechnological healthcare products and vaccines that are available to patients all over the world, for many diseases that were untreatable in the past. Biotechnology helped to modernize the agriculture. Now more than 13.3 million farmers all around the world use agricultural biotechnology to improve the quality of grains, to protect them from insects and all kind of pest that used to destroy grains.


Why is biotechnology so important?

Without biotechnology, we would not have this world that we live in. Biotechnology vastly improved our quality of life, our way of life. Without biotechnology, we would probably still have the same health problems from the 19th century. Biotechnology defined 20th and 21st century and the way that we live our lives. We need to protect biotechnology from all the people who oppose the progress of the science as a whole. Because without the science we would not have the world as it is.

History of Biotechnology:

As we said in the introduction, biotechnology started around 6,000 years ago when we started to use microorganisms to produce food. Egyptians used yeast to brew the beer. Mostly in the past biotechnology was used for agriculture. Luis Pastiere was the first person to discover the inner workings of biotechnology, more precisely the way how fermentation works. In the 20th century, biotechnology started to develop exponentially. Nowadays biotechnology is used pretty much in every sphere of biology, agriculture, pharmaceutic and etc. Biotechnology has become a big part of our everyday life.


Without biotechnology, we would not have the world that we have today. Biotechnology is one of the most important science branches for which many people didn`t heard about. It affects our lives directly and also affects the whole living nature around us. Many of us would not be alive without biotechnology. Just think about it, how many times you were sick, had a flue or lung inflammation? Without biotechnology, you wouldn`t survive this diseases. But now those diseases are just minor annoyances. So next time you get sick, eat bread or dairy products remember that all of those accommodations had come from our understanding and use of biotechnology. And believe us, we have still a lot to discover and improve to mak

Is Job In Biotechnology Good For You?



You searched all around the web, find all kind of courses connected to the biotechnology. Many of them are interesting to you and in the future you see yourself in one of those positions. But now you are asking yourself. Is a job in biotechnology really good for you? Will it give me all the opportunities that I want?  Will this job make me happy and fulfilled? If you want an answer to those questions fell free to continue to read the article.

Is it something you love?

First, you should ask yourself do you really love the biotechnology? Would you really be able to work in those fields? Do you see your future in those fields? There are many tempting things when you are choosing the job, salary, work environment, work ethics and etc. If pretty much everything works for you then you should definitely give it a go. But is the job in the biotechnology really goof for you?

We can say without a mouth that job in biotechnology is perfect for any person who loves science, all fields connected to the biotechnology, for hard working people, and for ethical people. Because the nature of the job sometimes can really depend on the ethical stance of people. No one likes to be called „crazy scientist“ or „greedy pharmaceutical“ that is why being ethical is very important when working in those kinds of fields. Also, you need to be a hard working person. You need to show your will to work, to educate yourself, to learn from your mistakes and mistakes of others.  This calling definitely is not for the lazy people, people who aren`t willing to learn and to educate them self further for the needs of the job.

Is it something you’d work hard for?

Also, you need to be ready to fight for your workplace. There are a lot of need for highly educated people wich main field falls under the biotechnology, but at the same time, there are a lot of people that would have same qualifications as you and the same will for getting the same job. This is where your hard work comes in place, you need to show to your employer why you are a perfect candidate for the job. So no chance that lazy person would be even considered for the job position.

By working in the field connected to biotechnology paycheck would be, let’s just say very stimulant. But don`t make the paycheck only reason why you want to get the job in biotechnology because without pure motivations you won`t last long on given position. Because without pure motivation you would only do job somewhat passable, and with time you would get fired, as it would happen to you on any other job position.

So, is the job biotechnology good for you? Yes, it is, if you want to make the world a better place, if you want to cure the diseases, if you want to improve agriculture then biotechnology is a perfect calling for you and one that will make you feel great about yourself.