Let’s talk antibiotics. It’s a serious epidemic of overuse that will result in 10 million deaths every year.

So far on this site, we have explored the roots of biotechnology , probable future scenarios and the undeniable impact biotech can have in medicine. We recognize that biotech can be as dangerous as it can also act as a saving grace for us.

We won’t be talking about potential benefits of replacing some organs with their man-made counterparts. Today we simply looking at antibiotics.

Billionaires want more billions

By now, you have probably heard one story about the use, or rather the overuse of, antibiotics. This is a direct result of the human greed. Billionaires want more billions. So, to save money they pump animals with growth hormones and antibiotics. As a result, viruses adapt to antibiotics and develop immunity. And people die.

antibiotic resistance

We should be aware and vocal on this issue. It’s more serious than a simple case of owners at your preferred casinos wanting to earn more. This is people’s health we are talking about.

Our question is this: can we rely on bio technology to help us in this regard?

Luckily, the answer is yes. Several different solutions are already in development like nano-robots, however a particularly happy news comes from the UK. A bio tech company named Motif Bio claims to have found a solution that is already ready for the market (however, it is yet to be submitted to the FDA for approval).

Iclaprim is a ‘potent Gram-positive bacteria killer’. In layman’s terms this is a new type of antibiotics that bacteria do not have immunity. It’s non-toxic to kidneys as opposed to our current antibiotics. But the bad news is that over time bacteria can get used to Iclaprim as well.

Overall, the technology is moving forward with the help of the governments and private funds. We are positive that biotech can produce an answer to the antibiotic problem.

Gram-positive bacteria kille

But not yet. Antibiotic overuse is wide spread and global. Currently, the estimate is that by 2050 every year resistance to antibiotics will kill over 10 million people (which is 14 times higher than today). If you want to know more, please support the works of the AiCuris, aforementioned Motif Bio, a company from Israel RedHill BioPharma  and other.

These companies are trying out different strategies and methods on diagnosing infections faster and targeting resistant bacteria. But they need our help. We are all on the same team, working on the same goal. On a life-saving goal.



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