Elon Musk

Of course, these are media stunts!

But how can you not love Elon Musk? For everyone in science this is a revolutionary time. And we are not talking about ‘sliced bread revolutionary, but electricity.

The thing that is the most exciting about Elon Musk is the awareness and jaw-dropping ideas he has about space travel, means of transportation and, as of the latest, biotech. But we’ll get to that a bit later.

We are bored. We’ve seen everything. Nothing is exciting anymore. We have the whole wisdom of the history of mankind in our fingertips and we watch cat videos. I don’t know what it for a kid was to watch the landing on the moon, but I would bet a €1000 on blackjack live that it inspired a lot of today’s scientists.

So, what if Musk sold flamethrowers? I know that if there would be more of Elons the world would only be better. So, the fact that Musk had created a biotech company only makes me more excited about the next 30-50 years.

What is Neuralink

During the 2017, Musk had hinted a few times about, broadly speaking, connecting your brain to a computer. In May, he announced the launch of Neuralink, a venture designed to explore the possibilities of connecting the human brain to the AI.

Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror” seriesIt sounds like something from Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror” series. Actually, we are much closer to making that a reality than most people realize.

Some people already have brain chips that help with various conditions. It can help to control obesity, dementia, spinal injury problems. Not to suggest that Musk’s venture is a done-deal but it is also not an impossible one.

As off latest, Bloomberg reports that Neuralink has received $27 million in funding.

A Human or a machine?

We’ve seen every scenario imaginable in the movies. Sometimes AI is there to save the world, other times it is there to terminate it. Musk hasn’t talked extensively about what Neuralink’s ultimate goal is but we’d imagine, it’s not to destroy the world.

Musk and Neuralink However, with so little information it is hard to talk about such an exciting project and not sound like a lunatic. From what it seems, Musk and Neuralink is building a BMI (brain-machine interface) that, at least in part, would provide medical solutions to patients suffering from brain injury.

But knowing how Musk operates, it’s likely only a small part of the venture with main objectives focusing on increasing human cognition in our everyday lives.

Who knows where it will lead, but it is definitely exiting to watch the events develop. Because when you think about how divided we are in opinions, even Musk’s likability may not convince people that installing a chip onto your brain is a good idea.

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